FAB Facts

Funding Arts Broward is a membership based organization that acts as an umbrella non-profit in support of visual and performing arts to benefit residents and students of Broward County
  • Annual Dues:$1200, $1800 for couples and $600 for under 40
    100% of all dues goes into the funding pool. (Operating expenses paid with Visionary Fund.)
  • Membership Demographics: Women, men, corporate executives, retirees, business owners, etc.
    – the only common denominator is an interest in supporting the arts
  • Established: May, 2003 in response to drastic governmental cuts to the arts. This is our 17th year
  • Purpose: To provide an additional funding source to qualified non-profit arts organizations in Broward County
  • Goal: to create a sustainable expanding funding pool to support education, involvement and appreciation of the arts.
  • Mission Statement: Funding Arts Broward support, sustains and enriches the arts in our community.
  • Grant Process: A competitive process awarding yearly grants to qualified nonprofit visual and performing arts organizations that present high quality programs in Broward County.
    This is a participatory system run by the members. Through the thorough review of applications, site visits, and extensive discussions among team members, proposals from arts organizations are selected for funding. The entire membership votes to approve recommendations of the grant screening teams.
    We fund in arrears (after the event) so we have never lost one dollar.
  • Number of different non-profit arts organizations receiving grants since inception: Approximately 35
  • Number of members: More than 200.
  • Amount awarded since inception: approximately $3.6 million
  • Visionary Fund: Created as a way for members and friends of FAB to offer additional support to help insure the viability of FAB, it’s mission and it’s ability to make an even greater impact on the arts community in the the future.
  • Membership Development: Personal invitations to join and/or attend events