Information and Attachments

Grant Change Requests

Generally, changes to approved projects/events  are not allowed because our members have approved a specific program.  However, some changes may be accepted in certain cases. Any deviation from the approved project requires the prior written consent of the FAB! Grants Manager at

To submit a change request, follow this link to access the Change Request Form found on the Submittable portal, : FAB Grant Change Request Form .

Disbursement of Funds

All requests for funds are sent electronically to the FAB! Grants Manager at: .

Grantee shall draw funds awarded under the grant by submitting a Payment Request Form and Grant Funds Expenditure Log (Exhibit A in the Grantee’s Contract).

If Grantee’s proposed project is a single event or exhibit, all funding will be done upon completion of the project or event (see below, Final Report to Grantor).

If Grantee is being funded for a series of programs, upon completion of fifty (50) percent of the performances, Grantee is eligible to request a disbursement, not to exceed fifty (50) percent of the amount of the grant, using a Payment Request Form and Grant Funds Expenditure Log (Exhibit A).

All expenses must be incurred during the calendar of the Grant in order to qualify for funds under this grant.

INVOICES MUST BE RETAINED AND AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  Only payment requests submitted no later than March 1 of the year following the Grant will be honored.

     Click here to print PAYMENT REQUEST FORM form (Exhibit A in the Grantee’s Contract).

     Click here to print GRANT FUNDS EXPENDITURE LOG (Exhibit A Continued in the Grantee’s Contract)

Final Report to Grantor

A complete Final Report (Exhibit B in the Grantee’s Contract) and Final Report Certification (Exhibit C in the Grantee’s Contract) must be submitted no later than March 1 of the year following the Grant.

     Click here to print a FINAL REPORT form (Exhibit B in the Grantee’s Contract).

     Click here to print a FINAL REPORT CERTIFICATION form (Exhibit C in the Grantee’s Contract).

Grantee Calendar

We are pleased to present an ongoing calendar of FAB! funded events, exhibitions and performances.  If you do not see your event, or if you see an error, please contact with your comments.