Letter to Members

A message from FAB President, Ed Hashek


For the past three months we have been experiencing interesting times.  We have had to adjust our personal routines, discover new ways to socialize with family and friends,and even complete one or more of the many activities on our “to-do” lists.

For FAB, we have been very busy during this time as well. Not only did we act to provide our 2020 grantees immediate access to their grants to insure their survival, but the Board also participated in a two day Retreat. During the Retreat, Board Members actively participated in discussions regarding our strengths, weaknesses,threats, and opportunities.

The Retreat Planning Team consolidated and prioritized the results into a FAB Road Map for the next five years with four Objectives.

The Four Objectives include: 1) Building and sustaining our membership, 2) Enhancing our Grant
activities by expanding our criteria, 3)Creating a solid and dependable revenue base, 4)Achieving our
vision of becoming Broward’s leading “Art Ambassador”.

During this time of limited contact, FAB will be providing you with a monthly FAB SCENE. The newsletter will provide updates on FAB programs,members, corporate partners and community art leaders.

A very special thank you to out-going President, Carolyn Lee, and out-going board members, Les Weil and John Tambasco, for their dedication to FAB. Thanks to all of you for your continued support and commitment to FAB.