NEWS RELEASE: Monday, April 29 FAB Grants Record Amount for the 2025 Program Year. $400,000!

NEWS RELEASE: Monday, April 29

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  1. Skye Stone Radulic’s time with Florida Children’s Theatre (FLCT) resulted in professional jobs with Espana Circus, Hamid Circus, Pomp Snow and Cirquemstance.
  2. Griffin Radulic, an FLCT student, worked for Pomp Snow and Cirquemstance, Flying Arrow Productions, and Creative Characters.
  3. Terrence Palmer, a Broward County elementary school student read his poem from “Write It Out” at a Big Brothers/Big Sisters event.

Funding Arts Broward Awards a Record $400,000 in Grants

Supported programs change lives

(Fort Lauderdale, Florida) – Funding Arts Broward, an organization dedicated to turning private donations into the support of arts organizations exclusively, will announce on May 9 the award of 61 performance, exhibition, and education grants, totaling $400,000, the largest funding amount to date.

Skye Stone Radulic was 14 years old when she joined the Florida Children’s Theatre’s (FLCT) innovative circus arts training program. She continued through high school and was able to land several professional gigs throughout the U.S.  Another FLCT performer, Griffin Radulic, won the 2022 NECCA Scholarship via VivaFest and went on to work for the Pomp Show and Cirquemstance, Flying Arrow Productions and Creative Characters. ViaFest is an annual international circus competition held in Las Vegas. Radulic’s award was the only one presented to a pre-professional at the event.


One Hollywood Hills High School student was overheard saying at the end of his participation in “Write It Out,” that the experience helped him discover his own possibilities. Dillard Elementary student Terrace Palmer received cheers after reading his poem “Friendship and Love” to Big Brothers/Big Sisters donors and board members.


These stories are just a few among thousands made possible in part over the past two decades through grants from Funding Arts Broward (FAB). Since its founding in 2003 by artist and philanthropist Francie Bishop Good the organization has provided nearly $5 million in grants to support 77 local organizations. Eleven organizations are being funded for the first time and include the National Art Exhibitions of the Mentally Ill, Black LGBTQ+ Liberation, Inc. and the Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts. A complete list of all grantees and grant amounts for 2024 are included on the FAB website.


Janet Erlick, executive director of FLCT, says that the more than $140,000 in grants her organization has received from FAB since 2010 have been critical to the survival of theatre and arts overall in the community. “Their funding has allowed us to thrive,” she said, stating that the wildly successful circus performance program was made possible in part because of FAB funding.  The Film Academy, a new program started with seed funding from the Community Foundation of Broward and support by FAB grants, is helping to prepare students for jobs in Broward’s burgeoning film industry. Government film incentives require that a percentage of the workers come from the local community; therefore, workforce training is critical.


Executive Artistic Director of the Art Prevails Project Darius Daughtry is preparing youth for the future as well by exposing them to creative writing. His 10-week “Write It Out” curriculum for grades 3-12 touched more than 1,000 students in its first year alone. Students practice poetry, monologues, plays and screenplays and are able to present their work through performances and in a printed chapbook.


“When young people are exposed to the creative expression through words, it becomes the key to unlocking their potential to do great things,” said Daughtry. “Thanks to the FAB support, we will be able to reach hundreds of more students in Broward schools.”


“The generosity of Broward individuals and companies have enabled FAB to grow over the years and increase funding for important arts programs,” said FAB President Mary Riedel. “Together, we continue to find even more ways to increase support for the arts so our entire community benefits.”




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Funding Arts Broward, Inc. (FAB) is growing a permanent endowment through its SPARK campaign, which has reached $2.2 million toward a goal of $3 million.


Corporate FAB members include JM Family Enterprises, FAU, Northern Trust, Pallant Insurance Agency, Casa D’Angelo, Tim Singer Realty and Twig, Silverman Schermer, and South Florida PBS.


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