Visionary Fund Donors – 2018

Our deepest thanks to the following who have generously given to the Visionary Fund in 2018:

Baker, Michele
Bank of America
Barnett, Bonnie
Barry, Katharine
Becht, Mary
Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services
Caragher, Jane
Carter, Michael and Linda
Coggeshall, Ruth Anderson
Cohen, Gail
Michael Dager and Harvey Shapiro Stronger Together Fund at Our Fund
Du Mont, Patricia
Eden, James and Cindy
Eletz, Bonnie
Folz, Theo and Connie
Fox, Rosanna
Gimenes, Atilano P. and Arnold Guior
Helen Ingham Foundation
Hashek, Edward
Horvitz, David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc.
Kahlo, Arden
Kashdin, Cindy
Kelly, Marcy
Kent McIntyre and John Tambasco Charitable Fund at Our Fund
Kerr, Deborah
Koppen, Edward and Gail Auguston
Krupnick Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward
Lalli, Jeanne
Lambertus, Christy
Lasdon Family Foundation
Lee, Carolyn
Leo Goodwin Foundation, Inc.
Lochrie, Susan
Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Foundation
McQuillen, Susan
Mills, Jayne
Nickell, Karla
O’Flannery-Anderson, Jennifer
Olefson, Fred and Jessica
Palmisano, Jane
Peck Foundation Milwaukee LTD
Puck, Brenda
River Oaks Foundation
Robbins, Sally and Karen
Roth, David
Sara and Aron Neuhaus Fund
Seigel, Barbara
Shaw, Theda
Smith, Joseph and Alice
Smith, Susan
Sussman, S. Donald
Vernon, Penny
Vitoli, Christine

(as of 12/31/2018)