Welcome to FAB!

Funding Arts Broward, Inc. (FAB!) is a non-profit arts organization committed to preserving and cultivating the arts in Broward County, Florida. FAB! was formed in response to the need for private financial support following drastic cuts in government funding of the arts.

Each FAB! Member contributes $1,000 annually toward the annual arts support fund. Each member is invited to attend luncheons, vote for the annual award of grants, and participate in various excursions to view the grantees’ work. Please see membership for more information.

A competitive process awards a myriad of yearly grants to worthy nonprofit visual and performing arts organizations that present high quality programs in Broward County. This is a participatory system run by the members. Individuals indicate their preference for assignment to a specific screening team. Through the thorough review of applications, site visits and extensive discussions among team members, proposals from local artists and art organizations are selected. Please peruse our current list of grantees.

Be a member of our fabulous FAB! team–art and culture in contemporary society transcend our differences. Let’s join together to celebrate the human spirit.

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