Grant Eligibility

Organization must:

  • Have as its primary mission the presentation of visual or performing arts programs to the public.
  • Have its headquarters in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, or Palm Beach County.  Additionally, at least one active, voting Board Member from the organization must reside in Broward County or work full-time in Broward County.
  • Be an active, not-for-profit, Florida corporation (or a division or unit of such) in good standing.
  • Have been tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code for at least thirty-six months.
  • Have completed at least thirty-six months of operations presenting visual or performing arts programs to the public.  However, if an applicant is a regional group classified as major (i.e., having an annual budget of $1 million or greater), that group must have a ten-year history of operation and at least one full board member residing or working full-time in Broward County
  • Be currently registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs to solicit contributions unless the exempt organization falls under the categories listed in S. 496.403 of the Florida Statutes (e.g., educational institution).
  • Request funding for an arts program which will take place in Broward County during the calendar year of the application.

Special Considerations

If the applicant is a support group or a division of a larger entity, the application will be considered only if the applicant meets the criteria listed above and the larger entity itself is not an applicant or ineligible.

If the project is a collaborative effort among two or more organizations, the lead organization must submit the application, meet the eligibility requirements, and be the funding recipient.

FAB! Does NOT Fund the Following:

  • Administrative Overhead
  • Busing
  • Capital Expansion or Equipment
  • Camp-based Performances
  • Conferences or Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Financing Costs
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Lectures
  • Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations Expenses
  • Operating Deficits
  • Pass-through Funding to Proposed Programs
  • Religious Activities
  • Scholarships
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • “Street Fair” Events
  • Tickets
  • Travel, Hotel, Food Expenses
  • Professional Training
  • Workshops or Master Classes